SHA Drive is one of the most innovative ride-sharing companies in Bangladesh. Initially, they started operations based in Sylhet city and gradually expanding to other areas. Their ride-sharing service provides convenient and cost-effective transportation for individuals and groups. We have developed both Android and iOS mobile Apps for them along with CRM solutions for customer and operation management. We used the latest technologies and a few 3rd party APIs and libraries to fulfill all requirements and run the service properly.

Project Requirements


Sha Drive planned to launch the ride-sharing service first then gradually they planned to launch parcel and food delivery services. They wanted to launch an easier and hassle-free solution for both passengers and drivers. Below are some major requirements for developing the mobile app and CRM for Sha Drive: User accounts, Ride requests, Driver management, Payment processing, Real-time tracking, Ratings and reviews, Customer support, Localization, Security, reports, and analytics, offer and campaign management and so on.



 Our Approach & Solution

After several meetings with the Sha Digipay team, we prepared the complete Technical Requirement Document which would be followed to design and develop the ride-sharing solution. After getting the requirement confirmation, we started to design the whole system including the admin panel, API, and mobile apps. Then we started to develop those products assigning multiple teams following project milestones. We followed a work process that is agile-scrum which helps both parties to get real-time feedback and rapid product delivery. We used PHP Laravel and MySQL as backend technologies and Bootstrap and jQuery as frontend technologies. Also, we used Native Java and Shift to develop android and iOS mobile Apps. 



It was one of the most challenging projects for us as a complete ride-sharing solution requires a lot of complex features and functionalities as well as 3rd party API integrations. Our team work hard for more than 6 months to prepare the MVP and gradually made the system fully functional, good-looking, error-free, secured, and user-friendly. Through this solution, Sha digipay has successfully engaged many riders and customers within a very short period of time along with maintaining admin records and generating custom reports properly.


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  • Client
    Sha Digipay Ltd.
  • Technology
    PHP, Laravel, JSON, Android, iOS
  • Other Info
    Web Link: https://shadrive.com/

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