Meditor Health provides multi-dimensional online consultation of both GP and specialist doctors through Meditor mobile app & EMR software. Through the mobile app patients can ask questions, book appointments for online consultation, store medical records and monitor health. They provide digital prescriptions to patients instantly via their email and mobile app. TechOrbital Technologies has developed integrated CRM software to manage all services and maintain all operations. Also, we developed the mobile App for users. We used PHP Codeigniter and MySQL to develop their CRM and native android app development technologies to develop their mobile app.
Project Requirements
As a digital healthcare startup Meditor Health were are in need of service management software to help streamline its operations and improve the experience of its patients and doctors. We had a mutual partnership with them to provide IT services as an offshore team. When they asked to develop such a solution, we analyzed all their requirement and prepared an SRS to deliver a suitable solution. The software should be able to do the following: User Registration, Question/Answer, Scheduling, Video consultations, Patient records, Health Monitoring, Digital Prescription, Billing and payment, Staff management, Reports, and Analytics.
Our Strategy & Solution
After several meetings with the Meditor Health team, we prepared the complete Technical Requirement Document which would be followed to design and develop the digital health solution. After getting the requirement confirmation, we started to design the whole system including the admin panel, API, and mobile apps. Then we started to develop those products assigning multiple teams following project milestones. We used PHP Laravel and MySQL as backend technologies and Bootstrap and jQuery as frontend technologies. We followed a work process that is agile-scrum which helps both parties to get real-time feedback and rapid product delivery. We are a team of developers and designers who worked together to develop a complete ride-sharing solution with the best possible outcome and effectiveness.
As a startup organization, Meditor Health required an innovative solution to address a few major problems regarding health sectors. We worked interactively with their IT team to find the best solutions. After working few months we were able to deliver the desired solution to them which is now used to handle all operations of Meditor Health. We are now working with them to develop an AI-driven Health Chat BOT and Health risk assessment tools to provide better healthcare benefits using cutting-edge technologies.
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  • Client
    Meditor Health
  • Technology
    PHP, Codeignetor, Mysql, Firebase
  • Other Info
    Web Link: https://meditorbd.com/

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